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Welcome to Flying Tortuga

We here at Flying Tortuga believe that everyone should have their special moments captured in a photograph to be cherished for a lifetime. Thus, we’ve made it our mission to provide high-quality photography services at affordable prices.

We’re a different kind of photography company.

Our team of qualified and passionate photographers will work with you every step of the way. Ensuring you get the photos you want and the customer service experience you deserve.

Explore our site, learn about our services, and contact us. We look forward to working with you and making your moments last a lifetime.


Everyone deserves to have good photos of themselves.

If you're looking for high-quality photos that focus on capturing the unique personality of the person being photographed, you've come to the right place! Check out our selection of example photos and pricing below.


We work with everyone.

From professional and amateur models to high school seniors, we have, can, and will work with anyone to make sure they walk away with high-quality portraits they are happy with.

Pricing & Products

For only $125/hr you receive...

  • 15-25 digital prints (per hour).

  • Access to an online gallery to download your photos and purchase physical prints.

  • Signed copyright release allowing you post your photos on social media.

We do ask for a $25 non-refundable booking fee to confirm your photo shoot. This booking fee is included in the overall cost of the photo shoot.


Event Photography

Our event photography service is designed to capture all the fun and memorable experiences that happen during events.

For $150/hr, we take candid pictures of guests enjoying themselves and each other, posed photos of groups of people, as well as decorations and other items.

This is a service perfect for:

  • Birthdays

  • Conferences

  • Practices/Rehearsals

  • Homecoming/Prom

  • Any dynamic event with large groups of people


Have you ever noticed how quickly your kids grow up? Seems like just a moment ago you could pick them up and put them on your shoulders, now your back breaks with the very idea of doing that. 

Don't let these moments pass you by!

Family portraits are an important memory keeper for generations to come. Perhaps your kids shudder at the idea of cramming into a photo studio with a mean stranger yelling at them to smile. And the idea of getting everyone through that may make you shudder as well— don't worry, we have you covered.

We come to you, where your family is most comfortable.

If that is your house, a nearby park, the beach, wherever, we will meet you there for some truly unique family photos that you will cherish as your kids seem to grow ever quicker. If you prefer, you can also come take photos at our Ballard studio!

In addition, we know the difference between a faked and forced smile. We are fantastic at getting candid shots of your kids doing what they do best— being kids! A genuine smile is something everyone can see, and something worthy of hanging on your wall. 

For only $125/hr, all your photos will be delivered digitally to you. You can make prints, post them on Facebook for friends and family to see, or store them on your computer. If you would like, we also offer print packages for your family photos, saving you some time and trouble by shipping it directly to your house.

Kids won’t stay this way forever, capture the genuine moments right with Flying Tortuga!

Photo Booth Rental

Photo booths are a fun and easy way for guests to take home physical and digital reminders of the memories they made at your event!

Our photo booth setup offers extensive levels of customization to best accommodate the needs of your guests and event. Additionally, we provide props and limitless physical prints for no extra charge. At the end of your event, we will even send you a link to a digital gallery containing copies of the photo booth strips, as well as the individual photos that make up the photo strip, allowing you to share your favorite photos with your friends on your social media account!


Our popular photo booth is only $125/hr. Please take a look at our examples, setup, and customization options below.


Perfect For Any Event!



School/Club Events




Open booths offer accessibility

With our open booth setup, guests can pop in and out, grab props, other guests, and interact with the attendant.

As many 2x6 photo strips as you want

Guests can take home as many 2x6 photo strips as they want, and the attendant can print more if need be.

Share on social media after the event

Digital copies are sent to you after your event so that the fun and memories can be shared with everyone on your social media platforms.

Small, large, or custom setups

Our open booth design allows us to fit our service in a variety of locations. We have a large setup with a 10ft wide grey backdrop, and a smaller 5ft backdrop. In addition, several groups like to decorate a background and provide their own props for their event and we are happy to work with them!

Full customizability

We can change the following on the photo strips:

  • Background color

  • Logo

  • Number of photos

  • Text below photos

As Seen on The Knot


Weddings are a special and magical moment. The least of your worries should be your photographer!

For only $225/hr a Flying Tortuga photographer will take photos of:

  • The bride/groom getting ready

  • The wedding ceremony

  • Couple shots

  • All family/group shots

  • Reception photos

  • Any other photos requested

Afterwards, all photos will be digitally retouched and sent to you via a digital link. Also, a link to a private page (only visible to those with the link) of our digital store will be sent so you can order as many prints from your special day as you want.

Flying Tortuga takes the hassle out of wedding photography. Let us capture your memories, you worry about enjoying your big day!




Interested in boudoir? 

here is a blurb from Wikipedia:

"Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and their romantic partners. It is distinct from glamour and art nude photography in that it is usually more suggestive rather than explicit in its approach to nudity and sexuality, features subjects who do not regularly model, and produces images which are not intended to be seen by a wide audience, but rather to remain under the control of the subject."

We believe everyone should have great photos of themselves, and feel good taking them. Boudoir is a great way to do just that! Whether you want photos for yourself or a special someone, we always find people walk away feeling amazing after one of these shoots. We offer boudoir shoots for only $125/hr.

Here are a few more details:

  • We shoot both guys and gals.

  • We have both male and female photographers available, if you would be more comfortable shooting with someone of your sex.

  • We bring the lights and a few props to you. We want the photo shoot to be where you are most comfortable.

  • Most people prefer the photos take place in their own home, or at a hotel room (as in the example photos).

  • Every effort will be taken to protect your privacy. You're in full control of who gets to see them.

  • Makeup artists are available for hire upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many total prints will I receive from my photo shoot?

The amount of photos you receive from your shoot may vary based on your photographer, the weather conditions, number of outfit changes, and how long your photo shoot is scheduled for. However, on average, 15-25 distinct photos are produced per hour, and you will receive all of them via your digital gallery once they are edited.

Do you charge extra for wardrobe changes?

We do not charge extra for wardrobe changes. However, the time scheduled for your photo shoot does not stop during your wardrobe changes. So change fast!

When will I be charged for the photo shoot?

Payment is due at the time delivery. After your photo shoot is over, and your photos are edited, an email will be sent to you containing a link to your online gallery and an online invoice for the photo shoot. Your photos will not be available for download until after payment for the photo shoot has been received.

Are there any additional travel and editing fees?

The total cost of the shoot is included in our hourly rate. This includes travel and editing fees. However, tax is not included in the total price.

What if I have a specific photographer in mind?

When booking your shoot, there is an option to select the photographer you would like to work with if you have a preference. However, that photographer might be already booked on your selected date. If that happens, you will receive an email with alternative dates/times for that photographer, or have the option to choose the next available photographer on your date.

What are your reviews?

We’ve been highly reviewed on several of our services, check them out!

Pricing and Products

*Tax not included in pricing.

Booking Fee

We do require a non-refundable booking fee to schedule your photo shoot. The booking fee is included in the total price of your photo shoot.

Weddings, Event, Boudoir, and Photo Booth Services - $50 Booking Fee

Portrait and Family Photography - $25 Booking Fee

Portrait, Family & Boudoir Photography

These services are priced at $125/Hr and you will recieve:

  • 15-25 digital prints (per hour).

  • Access to an online gallery to download your photos and purchase physical prints.

  • Signed copyright release allowing you post your photos on social media.

Event Photography

Event photography services are $150/hr and you will receive:

  • All photos taken during the duration of the event

  • Moderate editing to all photos

  • Access to an online gallery to download your photos and purchase physical prints.

  • Signed copyright release allowing you post your photos on social media.

Photo Booth Rental

Photo booth rentals are $125/hr with an additional $50 deposit for paper. Events that are only an hour long have an additional $25 fee. You will receive:

  • Customized 2x6 photo strips

  • Limitless reprints for you and guests.

  • Our backdrop, camera, and lighting setup assembled by an attendant

  • Props

  • Digital delivery of copies of the photo strips and the digital photos that make up them

Wedding Photography

For only $225/hr a Flying Tortuga photographer will take photos of:

  • The bride/groom getting ready

  • The wedding ceremony

  • Couple shots

  • All family/group shots

  • Reception photos

  • Any other photos requested



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